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S.J. Benney - (815)243-9252
An eclectic group of musicians is the foundation of this amazing band. Every member has something different to offer as they all possess a unique musical personality. The music offers elements of funk, rock, blues, and jazz – the epitome of musical fusion. Another musical twist is the presence of amazing guest musicians who often sit in at Whalebone shows. Together, Whalebone delivers an incredible experience that has been known to awe an audience.

The core of the band consists of only three members: S.J. Benney, 27, plays infectious guitar chords and brilliant solos as he heads up the band as their soulful lyricist and charismatic frontman. He has performed with several bands including DaddyLongLegs, High Octane Trio, and Harlan Jefferson’s Funk Attack. Hosie Baskin Jr, 29, is the backbone of the band – an incredible percussionist and drummer who adds a funky flash to every song Whalebone plays. He has performed with several bands including High Octane Trio, Harlan Jefferson’s Funk Attack, and R&B sensation Tony Tone Toni! Freddie Crawford, 39, is a bass freak! His unique 7-string bass style holds Whalebone together by producing chords, notes, and timbres that are hard to find in any other bass player. He has an extensive musical resume that includes working with Chicago blues legend Jimmy Rodgers, Clarence Carter, Rebe Jackson, and Nikki Howard – just to name a few. Special guests often include Harlan Jefferson and/or Ryan Swanson (saxophone), Cheeseburger (keyboards), Tim Eytalis (drums), Brett “Sugarbear” Whitaker and/or Paul Carrol (congas), and Andrew Scarpeci (bass).

As a regional touring act, Whalebone has definitely made its mark in the music community over the past 4 years. The collaboration of Whalebone’s members creates an out-of-this-world sound that is sure to groove you. Music is meant to be interesting and intriguing – and that’s just what Whalebone offers. They are a tremendous musical force that is to be reckoned with in this new millennium.
Listen to a sample of our music:
Black Magic Woman
Ferris Wheel
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